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4 Ways That Writing Can be an Asset to Your Business & Impact Your Bottom Line

While writing is one of the most important business elements, it’s often hard to measure writing’s marketing, efficiency, and profitability. Nevertheless, it is evident that effective writing can do so much to improve both internal and business-to-client relations. Writing deserves more recognition in the day-to-day operations of any business. Here are four ways that writing can be an asset to your business and impact your bottom line.

1) Business Plan Writing: Define your brand

Writing a business plan may be one of the first writing-related tasks for planning your business and establishing your brand. As you start to develop those business concepts, be sure to write them down clearly. As you clearly define your goals in this early stage, you are setting yourself up for later success, when you can return to your business plans to refocus your strategies. For example, a beauty product brand can use a business plan to describe itself as a natural brand, and clearly define the target audience as consumers who are looking to use fewer harmful chemicals in their daily products. This type of target marketing will eventually increase sales.

2) Marketing: Play to your audience

Marketing on diverse and relevant platforms is key to expanding and monitoring different client interactions. The writing on your website or blog will inevitably differ from the writing on social media. Research shows that tweets between 100 and 115 characters long are the most likely to be retweeted. More isn’t always better. Followers on social media do not want to read through a wordy post, but readers on your site will be more open to reading lengthy content to learn about your brand. Hence, it is crucial to adapt your writing to suit each medium.

3) B2C Content: Package information in consumable ways

Once you've established a website and social media accounts for your business, make sure information is easily found and digested. FedEx saved $400,000 annually by rewriting operations manuals to make them more user-friendly and intuitive. Often, good writing just means simplicity and allowing your business's message to shine through all the “talk.” You just might find that you're saving money on lost time and growing your client base.

4) Branding: Promote your message

It is now easier than ever to promote your business mission to the world. Use this to your advantage by writing clear mission statements and creating brand-aligned posts. You will also need to ensure consistency throughout your written communication. Whether you care about the environment, gender and racial equity, or any other cause, you can use social media and your written content to align your brand with virtually any social cause. This is an excellent way to define your brand's values and to gain recognition alongside similarly-focused causes.

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